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Puppy Potty Break

8 weeks-6 months old 15 minute visit $17

Only offered for puppies 8weeks old-6 months old this customizable puppy pit stop enables your new pup to get the time they need in the middle of your busy day! During their visit your pup can go to the bathroom, eat lunch, get exercise, socialize, drink water, eat snacks, play with toys, and be loved! What more could you ask for?


Mutt Strut Pups of all Ages

$22/25-30min $29/45min $36/hour *$3 additional dogs

This customizable visit is great for all dogs, any age, any size! Great for mid day visits while stuck at work, or just on days you have so much to do you want to ensure your dog gets the attention they deserve! During our visit your dog can receive a nice walk outside giving them the exercise they need, go to the bathroom, eat lunch, socialize, drink water, eat snacks, play with toys, and be loved! Medicine can be administered if needed as well. This visit gives you the peace of mind that your dog is loved and well taken care of while you're away.


Overnight Sitting Services

Choice of multiple visits a day at standard dog walking rates.


An overnight sitter that will stay in your home with your pets allowing them to have the same routine as they're used to and within the comforts of their own home. Includes all daily visits. both meals, house sitting, mail pick up, weekly trash take out, heat or A/C adjusting etc.

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Doggy Dash K9 Taxi

Drop off/Pick up $18 plus .50/mile over 10 miles

Stay for entire visit $36/hour 

Dogs have busy schedules! Grooming appointments, Vet appointments, Doggy Daycare...Don't let your busy work schedule prevent you from getting your dog to and from all the places they need to be! Call Doggy Dash K9 Taxi to pick up and/or drop off your pup where they need to be, or even to stay for the entire visit incase they need someone to hold their paw!


Kitty Kare 15 minute visit $17

Cats of All Ages Each Additional Cat $3

We understand cats are easier to care for than dogs due to their independent nature. For this reason we offer a shorter, discounted visit enabling us to clean up waste, refill food and water dishes, as well as cuddle and love the cuties without having to pay our full dog walking rates, One might say this deal is "the cats meow"!


Small Animal Care

15 minute Visit $17

*$1 each additional animal

Don't have the typical dog or cat at home? No worries. We have experience in MANY small animals and some exotics! Animals such as: Hedgehogs, Bearded Dragons, Rats, Sugar Gliders, Chinchillas, Snakes, Bunnies, Turtles, Guinea Pigs and more. Curious if we'll care for your creature? Just ask!


Lockout Service $35

Lost your key? Locked yourself out? Don't call a locksmith for a few hundred dollars, just call us! If we keep a copy of your key that means we're able to help! Saves you time and money!

Things to know:

*Holiday rates of $10/visit will be charged to any visits scheduled on National Holidays*

* $5 charge added to visits after 8pm and on Weekends (cost included for sittings)*

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